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23 September, 2004

Round the Pole to Lancaster

It seems the manager of the University bookshop has suddenly turned proactive: he's secured Michael Palin for a book signing on 13 October.  So far as I know, this is the shop's first signing session.  This has to be a bit of a coup for the campus branch of Waterstones, since I'm not aware of any previous signings, either here or at the 'senior' branch in town.  Well done!

These sessions could be the salvation of high-street bookshops. I rarely buy from such shops nowadays; in fact I found out about the signing whilst selecting a guidebook to New York City, but I've returned to the office to order it from Amazon. For one thing, it's 3.30 (30%) cheaper. For another I don't have to deal with shop staff.

The staff of the University shop seem okay, but as it's primarily an academic bookshop, the range of non-academic books is limited, so I rarely call in.
With one exception, the staff of the city centre Waterstones are useless. They seem to regard themselves as the cream of Lancaster's intelligentsia, too good for anything as mundane as dealing with customers. Their loss.

There is a branch of Ottakars, but since I tend to only use high street bookshops as a browsing resource, and Waterstones is convenient, I can't really comment on the Ottakars staff.

There's also a specialist sci-fi bookshop in Lancaster, but I won't promote it by quoting the name; I find the owner annoying, and avoid visiting.

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