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2 June, 2004

Watching paint dry

This may well be the only post I make about 'Big Brother', and it's a suggestion to watch something else instead:

Forget Big Brother. Watching Paint Dry is the new reality show. The first reality show to do exactly what it says on the tin.

Every day a different kind of paint will be put on to a wall. Confirmed contestants include; matt, silk, gloss, satin, vinyl, eggshell textured and smooth masonry - all of whom are eagerly looking forward to their first brush with fame.

Watch the action here every day via video link-up and vote for your favourite paint. The show will run for eight weeks and the results of the daily paint votes will be will be announced at 5pm every day. Plus there'll be a special 'Emulsion Show' every Friday when the paint with the least votes will leave the programme and head back to the DIY store.

Or then again, perhaps not.

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