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31 May, 2004

Anyone lost a keyring?

This morning, I found a ring of keys on my doorstep.  I didn't recognise any of them, nor the fobs.  Someone must have dropped them; it's likely that they were a passer-by's rather than belonging to a near neighbour who would have missed them soon after they were mislaid.  Following that reasoning, I thought it best to hand them in at the police headquarters, and did.

There were 5-6 keys on the ring, with two novelty fobs (a metal 'Scooby Doo' and a plastic smiley face), yet the desk officer at the police station logged them as two yale keys on a 'Scooby Doo' keyring, making no mention of the other 3-4 keys nor the second fob.
What use is that? If I was a person trying to claim lost property, I'd explain what I'd dropped, yet the police would have nothing on file matching that description. Apparently the police deliberately record the number of yale keys rather than the total number (why?), and only one distinguishing feature, presumably for brevity.

Do you know how many yale keys you carry, as opposed to the total number on the ring? I don't. Imagine you've been locked out of your house, office, and car. Could someone have stolen your keys? Have you mislaid them? You're stressed and upset. You go to the police. Do you really want to play unnecessary games, merely for bureaucratic convenience?

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