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27 May, 2004


The guy in the bike shop has a tattoo on his forearm, prominently featuring his own name.

Does anyone else find that a bit odd?


All people who work in bike shops are a bit weird. I buy most of my kit and parts on-line to avoid contact with them.
You will find that most bike shops have numerous staff. They appear for a few months then disappear for 10-12 weeks before returning.
How do you think your bike shop can afford so many staff? It's obvious - deep cover for the 'special forces'. Lots of 'cycling holidays' in the world's trouble spots.
I live in Morecambe and have assessed the situation. Lancaster is the worst. Definitely most shops are controlled by MI6.
NB I bet that guy's tatoos wash off when he's on active service.

Posted by John Prigg at May 30, 2004 09:10 PM
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