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20 May, 2004

Not a hope

I received a letter at work today; itself a rarity as my work-related communications are almost entirely by e-mail, so my pigeonhole rarely sees more than my payslip and dust.

This was impressive: three sheets of heavy, textured cream paper in a matching '100% cotton' envelope, itself lined with tissue.  A semicircle had been cut out of the upper right of each page, an essentially pointless design feature repeated on the envelope's address label.  The top third of the front page featured a primrose-yellow band, again repeated on the address label and, oddly, the staple holding the letter together.

All this for an item of unsolicited junk mail which hit the bin within seconds of being opened.

It was from a design company* (self-evidently) touting for work, but if they can afford to speculate with such an expensive mailshot, they're presumably charging too much.

*: which according to Google, has no website. A company proposing to undertake web design work, which doesn't have a website of its own. I don't think so.

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