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19 May, 2004

What WAS it made of?

Plasticine.  A non-hardening modelling clay I remember playing with in the Seventies.  Though the word seems to have become generic in the same way as 'hoover', it seems the original Harbutt's 'Plasticine' has declined in popularity, as a Google search found very few relevant links.  Here's oneAardmann Animations imply real Plasticine is no longer made, and they should know.  Play Doh is another company's version, seemingly going strong, but I'm specifically talking about Plasticine®.

I haven't touched any of it for literally decades, but I have a strong memory of the smell.  I've often wondered how Plasticine was made, and the nature of its ingredients, because I've always associated the smell of Plasticine with that of... sewage.  Specifically, fresh human and porcine (pig) manure as spread on fields.  Seriously; I suspect there's a chemical common to both.

Either that, or my parents had strange ideas about toys.  "Of course it's Plasticine, dear..."

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