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11 May, 2004

A step too far?

I may have passed a critical threshold of reliance on the web.  I've just used Google to find out what I'm having for lunch.

I bought a sandwich from the Spar shop on campus; a long white roll containing something chicken-based, the precise contents masked by lettuce (it annoys me that the staff make sandwiches by filling a roll with a pre-mixed, er, filling then place random greenery on top of the closed roll, rather than inside).  It was labelled 'Chicken Maryland', which, though new to me, sounded innocuous (ignoring politics for a moment).  However, when I opened the roll to insert the lettuce, I found greyish-brown... lumps mixed in amongst sweetcorn, diced bacon and chicken.  As various sites found via Google told me, the mystery ingredient is indeed banana.  Bizarre, but not too bad.

NP: Mike Oldfield 'The Songs Of Distant Earth'.  Don't be tempted to use your player's 'random' function for this one; it's a real mess out of sequence!

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