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10 May, 2004

BBCi debranding

I see the BBC website has dropped the 'i' from its brand name: 'BBCi' has reverted to the rather more meaningful '', which is not only more intuitive but avoids the problem of people trying '', a minor but avoidable source of confusion.  The elimination of a superfluous brand name will presumably streamline links mentioned in broadcasts, too, as presenters will no longer have to refer the audiences to "BBCi at ''" for supplementary information.

A good move, and I'm not about to criticise the BBC for pragmatism. I can't help wondering about the cost of debranding, though - all those letterheads and print publications that mentioned BBCi. The change to the website itself should be straightforward, merely modifying the header graphic, master stylesheet and CMS/publishing package. I remember the public criticism when the BBC changed its logo from three tilted rhombi containing the italicised letters to three squares containing the upright letters, at massive expense: tens of thousands of pounds to remove a tilt.

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