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8 May, 2004

Very limited edition - update to update

As previously mentioned, Steven Wilson released a special new album, 'Unreleased Electronic Music Vol.1', in April, limited to 100 handmade copies, which obviously sold out within a few hours (in the middle of the night, UK-time).  Three days later, SW announced that he'd be producing a second and final batch to meet the (naïvely?) unexpectedly high initial demand, and that it'd be possible to reserve a copy in May.  That time has now arrived.

Headphone Dust is now ready to receive reservation requests for the second and final batch of SW Unreleased Electronic Music Vol 1, and will be taking these requests until 31st May. Please send your reservation request to:

When the discs are ready you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing the copy number you have been allocated, which you will need to quote when making the paypal payment. Paypal is the only way to pay for your copy. Please also include in the email where you live so that the shipping cost can be calculated - please note that if you do not provide this information no reservation will be made for you.

This time the CDs will be made to order and Headphone Dust plans to dispatch them over the summer. As before all copies will be handmade, signed by SW and come with a unique Polaroid photograph. The one copy per person rule still applies, so we ask those people who already have a copy to please refrain from trying to reserve another this time. Thank you.

Important: read the instructions - if you don't provide the required information, you will miss out. You must state your location in your e-mail, and must be able to pay by PayPal only. Headphone Dust isn't an online mail order firm, and shouldn't have to chase after people who can't, or can't be bothered, to read perfectly clear instructions.

[Update 14/5/04: A new message has been posted at SWHQ, reinforcing the point I made in the previous paragraph, but also changing the text of the original message. It has now been clarified that those interested must provide "...your full name [not previously specified] and where you live...". A full postal address is preferred.]

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