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5 May, 2004

Guess the song

Found at

1. Grab the nearest CD.
2. Put it in your CD Player (or start your mp3 player, iTunes, etc.).
3. Skip to song 3 (or load the 3rd song in your 3rd playlist).
4. Post the first verse in your journal along with these instructions.  Donít name the band, nor the album title.


"I'm so bored with you
It didn't take long
I hear all about you
Every day of the month
You sounded so in control of it
On Radio 1
But I don't believe you
And though they all seem to
And though they all scream for you
And though they all dream of you"

Anyone recognise it?

As is customary, Tim cited the blog where he discovered the meme, which had done the same. For no particular reason, I traced it back for a further ten generations (i.e. 13 including to a 15 April posting at, which doesn't seem to mention a prior source, though since it's in German, I might be missing something.

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