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27 April, 2004

Pin day

As I was parking my bike at work this morning, I noticed a drawing pin in the front tyre, right through the supposedly kevlar centre strip.  The pin seemed to be maintaining a seal, so I left it in, vainly hoping it'd hold for a further eight hours and the ride home before I could repair the puncture.  On the way into University House, I nearly trod on another drawing pin.  At the weekly College Officers meeting, I found five drawing pins scattered around the floor.  The Residences Officer, Jacqui, had stepped on one, but it had penetrated only the very edge of her shoe's sole; a very lucky miss.
Individually trivial, the coincidence of seven pins could inspire a conspiracy theory.

I checked the tyre again after the meeting; unsurprisingly flat.  Oddly, it hadn't healed by the end of the day, so my usual trip of 3.55 miles in ~15 mins, averaging ~18 mph, became a walk of 3.31 miles in 49 mins, averaging ~4 mph (the missing quarter of a mile?  On foot I can cut across a football pitch).

Oh, and today we had the first sustained rain in over a week.

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