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26 April, 2004

Marillion on BBC News home page

Steve Hogarth on the BBC News home page
They really do have a gift for finding odd angles for promotion.

h even has his face on the BBC News home page, the day after Marillion registered their first top ten (no.7) single in the UK since the Fish era, 16 years ago.

However, that's not the angle: h is featured in the children's news section.  Under the headline 'Rock Dad', h's children, Sofi and Nial are interviewed about him.
This article is part of the BBC's 'Press Pack' scheme, whereby children can submit their own articles for consideration by the BBC's editors; not exactly aimed at bands wanting publicity, but all credit to them for ingenuity!  Also shamelessness, but whatever works....

NP:  A Perfect Circle, 'Thirteenth Step' (2003).  New favourite album.

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