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23 April, 2004

It's okay, they weren't Americans

Credit for this observation has to go to Neil Turner, who noticed that on the day about 3,000 people died in a train explosion in N.Korea - if that's true, it's the world's worst ever rail disaster, killing about the same number as died in New York on 11 Sept, 2001 - the BBC's lead story was that the UK Prime Minister had changed his mind about holding a referendum at an unspecified point within the next year.

Double standards, anyone?


Turns out it's only a few hundred dead (161 atm). But every day, around 6000 people die from AIDS in Africa alone. And that's just one of a host of diseases that plague the world. Then there's war all over the place (eg. Uganda)...
But if it's ongoing and doesn't involve pretty explosions, noone cares - the great injustice of the news.

Dark matter flowing out onto a tape, is only as loud as the silence it breaks.

Posted by Adam C at April 25, 2004 03:23 PM

That's good news, Adam, but I think the point holds: at the time of the initial report, when it was thought that 3,000 had died, the BBC editor chose to lead with a, well, not trivial but certainly non-urgent, detail of UK politics.

Posted by NRT at April 27, 2004 08:20 PM
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