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20 April, 2004

A plea

If you maintain a blog but are thinking of taking a break or stopping outright, please remember to withdraw from blog directories, webrings, etc.  It's really annoying to find that of the ten nearest (geographically or by keywords) blogs listed at such places as Blizg or GeoURL, three or four are dead sites, unnecessarily relegating active sites to the no.11 or 12 spots (i.e. off the list).

One of my biggest criticisms of blogging is the difficulty in finding new readable blogs amongst the dross and dead links, forcing one to interact only with those few sites one has been able to find.  Devalued search directories are of little use.

C'mon, folks.  Have a bit of consideration for others.  Think of the poor kittens.

NP:  Opeth 'Still Life'.  Maybe my favourite of their albums.

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