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5 April, 2004

Blackfield: news on international release

Steven Wilson's own purchasing advice, as posted in the discussion forum at

"Maybe I'm a bit late but I would urge people outside of Israel not to waste their money on the Israeli edition of the Blackfield album by buying it from this jazzis website or ebay.  The international edition is going to be out soon and will feature a lot of extra material - perhaps it will be a 2 CD set, we are still finalising things.  Though I recognise that some fans were not prepared to wait, complaints about the fact that they bought an inferior version on import will get no sympathy from me!  We even made a point of not selling it through the PT store to discourage people outside Israel from buying this edition."

I bought the israeli version anyway... and I will certainly buy the so called "international version".
This album is a real beauty.
Do not miss it... whatever version you prefer. ;-)

Posted by Brainback at July 6, 2004 04:05 PM
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