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5 April, 2004

PT for PF fans

Patrick Keller of 'Spare Bricks', the Pink Floyd webzine, presents a good introduction to Porcupine Tree and an overview of their career to date, presenting the band to existing fans of Pink Floyd.

[Update 22/06/04:  The new 'issue' of 'Spare Bricks' is online, with a new article displacing this Porcupine Tree one at the same URL.  I'm hoping to make it available myself, at a later date.  Follow the link anyway - Patrick offers the same sort of introduction to the other PT of potential interest to Floyd fans, Pineapple Thief.]

[Updated update 14/08/04:  As advertised, the Ministry is now hosting Patrick's article, at least until Spare Bricks incorporates archives of its own.]

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