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3 April, 2004

Ghost town

I'm recycling a reference already posted by Neil Gaiman, but I believe that's allowed ;)

This is an important link, which I urge everyone to visit.

Elena, the daughter of a nuclear scientist, lives 130km (216 miles) from Chernobyl, Ukraine.  She has a 1100cc Kawasaki Ninja, and one of her favourite rides is into the exclusion zone surrounding the nuclear power station which exploded in 1986, killing ~300,000 (official estimate).  Her photos and accompanying comments are haunting - compelling, chilling, and oddly beautiful.

There's nothing visually unpleasant about any of the images, but the juxtaposition of such personal details as abandoned family photographs with the total absence of human occupation since 1986 is unsettling, and the final few pages are genuinely upsetting.

[Update 25/05/04: I'm sorry to say this story has been revealed to be a fake.]

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