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26 March, 2004

Stolen or rescued?

Lancaster's free local newspaper, The Citizen, reports that a dog has been stolen (okay; that conforms to the parochial stereotype of local papers, but The Citizen does cover real news too!).  Sad news, and upsetting for the owners, but I slightly wonder whether the dog is best out of their house: the owners are a little obsessive.

The missing dog is a 22-month German Shepherd cross, but through living with two Jack Russells and over indulgent owners, she apparently thinks she's a Jack Russell too, and tries to sit on visitors' shoulders.  The dogs have their own bedroom, sleeping on a king sized bed and having their own colour TV (dogs can't see TV images, as the refresh rate is wrong for their eyes, which don't see colour anyway).  The owners are reported as being 'grief stricken' and 'distraught': "My wife can't eat or sleep and is crying all the time.  Roxy is more than a pet, she's our child."

No, she's a dog; an animal; get some ****ing perspective. The level of pampering described/implied in the article can only be unhealthy, both for the dogs and owners.

I like dogs, though unquestioning loyalty is difficult to respect (in any species...) I'm certainly not saying they should live in freezing kennels and be fed on scraps (in fact I'm saying they shouldn't get the scraps of human food), but they're pack animals, and need to know their place in the pack order. In that house the dogs must be really confused about who's in charge.

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