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16 March, 2004

Least favourite word

No offence to the URL which inspired this observation (, home of the Swamp blog), but I think I've just discovered my most loathed word: guzzle.  I can't even bear to explain how the very concept repels me; there's something disgustingly bestial about it.

The word 'posh' also inspires a strong negative response, but 'guzzle' goes way beyond that annoyance; I can only describe it as a visceral repugnance.

Why 'posh'?  I associate the word with 'proud-to-be-working-class' f***wits who use it to belittle items or people regarded as 'getting above themselves'; the subtext of "that looks posh" is "who do you think you are?"
My mother uses it too.  Though I don't believe she's aware of the connotation, that subtext is all I hear.


I'm pretty sure the reason I chose that URL was because the concept was so repulsive; it's a reference to a line in Ted Hughes' "Ffangs the Vampire Bat and the Kiss of Truth."

"That's what my deadly bite does to people. It makes them what they really are. You're probably a little fat boy who thinks of nothing but guzzling cakes."

Posted by Eve at March 16, 2004 09:59 PM
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