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15 March, 2004

Familiar name

I see a new series begins on ITV* on Thursday (19:30), about dangerous drivers (I think).  One of the presenters is Cary Cooper; presumably he'll be covering the psychological aspects of the subject, as in addition to being a TV presenter, he's Professor of Organisational Psychology and Health at Lancaster University Management School.  Another of his roles is the University's Pro-Vice-Chancellor ('Director' might be a comparable title in business) for External Affairs, for whom I've recently produced a web page.

To be more precise, it would be fair to (respectfully) say Prof. Cooper BSc, MBA, PhD, MSc, DLitt(Hons), DSc(Hons), AcSS, FBPsS, FRSM, FRSH, FRSA, CBE is the most spectacular over-achiever of whom I'm aware ;)
In earning those 67 letters after his name he has been the author of over 100 books, and has been been an advisor to such UN agencies as the World Health Organisation. I'm not going to explain all the acronyms, but the last is 'Commander of the British Empire', a splendid title which I believe to be just short of a knighthood.

A colleague speculated about his ability to relax, but I wouldn't be entirely surprised if he's written award-winning self-help manuals on relaxation technique ;)

*: For non-UK readers: we have four analogue TV national networks, a fifth which has patchy coverage (it isn't received in Lancaster), and numerous digital ones; ITV is the more populist independent national analogue network.

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