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9 March, 2004

Freak or just independent?

I've just completed the provocatively-named 'Are You A Freak?' Test at, which has a more sober basis in a study allegedly conducted by two psychologists in the 1970s into individuals' 'need for uniqueness'.  As OutOfService stresses, it's a real test, not a typical 'purity'-style web test.

My overall percentile score was rated as 65, indicating higher 'need for uniqueness' than 64 out of 100 people.

However, when split into categories, I don't entirely agree with the interpretation:

Need to be unique 70% : You feel that you need to be a VERY unique and different.

No. This implies a strong awareness of social standards and a deliberate, even pretentious, effort to act against them, merely to be perverse. I don't acknowledge that as being in my character. My world view is my own; if it corresponds to some cultural norms and differs from others, that's simply irrelevant to me.

Need to NOT conform 69% : You prefer to conform to others' standards, but don't mind acting differently occasionally.

No. I respect the standards of others, and don't deliberately offend, but that's basic courtesy, not a wish to conform to others' standards, about which I'm simply indifferent.

Willingness to express dissent 41%: You are typically respectful when you disagree, but are willing to speak your mind if it is appropriate.

That's a fair statement.

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