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10 March, 2004

Link to review: 'In Absentia' DVD-A (Porcupine Tree, 2004)

Porcupine Tree's 'In Absentia' DVD-A is due out today (though my copy hasn't arrived from Burning Shed yet*...).  I may offer my own review after I've heard the DVD, but I know next to nothing about the technical issues of surround mixes and I'm not a musician, so my comments would be purely as a listener.  For a more detailed review, try this one at, which also features an extended interview with Steven Wilson on the project and future plans for Porcupine Tree.

*: Having just checked the Burning Shed site, I see the release date has been moved to 16 March!  Waa!  Several other retailers have already been despatching it; it's even no.2 in the DVD-A chart. (Update: 11/03/04: No.1!)

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