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7 March, 2004

Cycle ride: Lancaster-Cockerham-Glasson Dock-Lancaster

I was expecting to say that today's bike ride was shorter than usual, but 17.84 miles (29.73 km) is a little above average.  I can say it took less time than usual, at 1½ hours (80 mins moving), as I'd planned a specific destination and route in advance, and didn't amble.

Having taken this image three weeks ago, I wanted to capture the reverse angle: Sunderland from Crook Farm, near Cockerham. The route was straightforward, and didn't look very far, following the main road from Lancaster to Thurnham then one long lane across the coastal plain to the mouth of the Lune. Some of the views were good, but largely replicated images I've already presented here, so I didn't stop. From Crook Farm, Sunderland looked tiny, the sight line was dominated by Heysham power station, and I could see rain approaching from Lancaster, so I didn't hang around after taking a couple of images.

As planned, I headed back via Glasson Dock, a tiny village which was Lancaster's main port for the relatively brief period between silting of the riverbed making Lancaster itself unsuitable as a port, and industrial changes removing the need for Lancaster to have a sea port at all. There's still a yacht marina and a couple of cafés, and the Glasson Branch of the Lancaster Canal allows access from the sea to the main canal, so the village must have something of a tourist trade, but it's pretty quiet at the start of March. It wasn't particularly photogenic in the rain, so I didn't pause there, either, heading straight home.

Nearly 18 miles in 80 minutes isn't exactly impressive, an average of a little over 13 mph (21 km/h), but the light wind that hadn't even been noticeable on my outward journey was surprisingly steady all the way back, and it was a real struggle to stay above 10 mph.

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