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4 March, 2004

Many congratulations, K!

I'm extremely pleased to tell the world that my sister is now qualified to become a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh (i.e. she's passed her Part 2 surgical exams but has yet to formally receive the title); in terms of the UK medical hierarchy, a Registrar.  Oh, and she's 29 years old.

Fourteen years of standard school, and five years at medical school made her Dr. T. A further six years experience as a Junior and then Senior House Officer led her to a sequence of stunningly tough exams (costing 1,000 just to take, pass or fail). Once officially accepted into the Edinburgh College, she sheds the title 'Dr.', as UK surgeons are distinct from their medical colleagues - bizarrely, the lack of a 'Dr.' is a matter of prestige.

I don't even know her full list of titles, but at the least it'll be Ms. K. T., BSc (Hons.), BM, BS, MRCS (Ed).

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