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4 March, 2004

More on MT problem in Firefox

Update on Firefox's failure to display the 'B', 'i' and 'URL' buttons in the 'Edit New Entry' window of Movable Type: having done a little more research, it seems this is a known problem, the buttons being rendered by a proprietory feature of IE that's lacking in Firefox.  As a post at Sugarfused and the associated comments explain, the necessary code tweak may be in a future release of MT.

As one of those comments mentions:

"I love Firefox, but in fairness, if they can't support such a common thing as the Javascript document control, it won't ever be my primary browser."

A valid view, though it has to be remembered that Firefox is still only a 0.8 release rather than a finished browser, and hopefully such issues will be addressed.
I certainly hope so. I'm currently involved in a pilot project ultimately intended to transfer maintenance of the University website from manual editing of individual static html/css/javascript pages by designated departmental web reps and a central web editor (in practice, me) to a content management/publishing system with hundreds of users. A key part of making page creation available to untrained web authors is an editing interface featuring MT-style formatting buttons. If Firefox can't handle them, that rules it out as an acceptable browser, for hundreds of people.

[Update: the entry editing issue has been resolved by MT users]

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