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3 March, 2004


A slightly odd statistic from Lancashire County Council's self-congratulatory newsletter, 'Vision':

"Lancashire's investment in its 23 Household Waste Recycling Centres...
Considering the geographical area (3050 km²/1178 sq.miles) and population (1.4 million) of the county, that's pitiful.
... is certainly paying off, with the amount of rubbish being recycled at these sites being amongst the best in the country. In six months over half the rubbish taken to the sites was recycled."

I don't understand. Either that means that nearly half of the recycleable waste has taken over six months to process, or that of the recycleable rubbish received by the sites over a six month period, almost half wasn't recycled after all.
Remember, this is "over half of the rubbish taken to the sites" for recycling, not "over half" of all rubbish, which would be more praiseworthy. If people are going to the effort of cleaning, collecting and delivering recycleable waste to designated centres, only for the Council to sent it to landfill or incinerators anyway, that's appalling.

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