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1 March, 2004

Long day

Not an easy Monday, and I'm as drained as on a Thursday or Friday!

Tomorrow, the University will be running adverts in the national press, promoting the fact that we're offering fully-funded studentships to potential reseach students; 'Doctoral Fellowships', to use the slightly grand title.  This is to celebrate the University's fortieth anniversary this year i.e. it's a one-off that other institutions aren't offering, so I expect we'll receive a good amount of interest.

The ads appear tomorrow, so the faculties* got round to preparing the relevant web pages and liaising with central web admin (in practice, me)... today. Planning? Forethought? Nah.
I won't go into detail, as it'd be rude and probably foolish to publicly criticise my colleagues and employers, but a lot of links have been amended today, a few rather important pages have had to be recoded from scratch, and a couple of people have required extended e-lectures on rather basic html.

Somehow I didn't find time for lunch, and drank rather too much tea (I drink it with one sugar and a little milk, and used a full pint of milk between 09:00 and 18:00); the sucrose and caffeine are suddenly wearing off.

*: Faculties are administrative groupings of academic departments e.g. Arts & Humanities, Applied Sciences, etc., not what Americans would understand as 'Faculty' i.e. 'the teaching staff'.

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