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29 February, 2004

Private zoo

This isn't 'new' news, but it's only just reached court: a 55-year-old woman appeared at Lancaster Magistrates Court this week, charged with 69 counts of animal abuse.  Several months ago (before I started this blog, or I would have mentioned it at the time), the RSPCA raided her home, removing - from a standard-sized house - a total of:

  • 22 shih tzus, 19 dachshunds, 7 Lhasa apsos, 41 bearded collies, 28 Yorkshire terriers, 12 chihuahuas, 20 Pekinese, 37 poodles, a corgi and 57 mongrels: that's 244 dogs;
  • 16 birds;
  • 5 cats and 2 kittens;
  • 1 rabbit;
  • 1 chinchilla.
I don't think I need to offer any comment on that....

[Update 10/6/05: For various reasons, the woman only faced nine charges of animal cruelty, and was sentenced today, to three months imprisonment plus a lifelong ban from keeping animals.]

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