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24 February, 2004

Out of office

I'm working from home today and tomorrow.  The trades union representing lecturers and computer-related technical staff, the Association of University Teachers (AUT), is striking over long-term pay deals, and campus will be picketed.  The AUT is only one of several unions on campus, so all other staff are expected to attend work as normal, and I'd have no qualms about crossing a picket line, but my boss kindly gave me the option of working from home instead (she is doing so too).

"Lecturers and computer-related technical staff..."? Yes, that's me - the AUT is the union I'd be expected to join, if I was a member of any union, but I'm not.

On the whole, I don't particularly like working from home, with the dual problems of being too comfortable during the first half of the day (it would be easy to stay in bed that little longer, and be distracted by personal projects) and not having a distinct stopping point at the end of the day (in the past I've kept going, sometimes as late as 22:00 before realising I haven't eaten); I had far too much experience of that lifestyle during my PhD. Just for a couple of days, though, it's okay.

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