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24 February, 2004

Hello? Hello? Can you hear me?

I had major problems getting online this weekend.

On Friday evening, my phone line was a bit crackly, but its ability to carry digital data was far worse, the modem audibly struggling to connect to my ISP. Once online, data transfer was appallingly slow, and within a minute or so, I was disconnected. Checking e-mail was a challenge, uploading revised web pages or images a near-impossibility. I checked everything: modem, cable, junction boxes; I even inspected the cable linking my house to the telegraph pole, but found nothing. Connectivity to my backup ISP was no better, so I deduced that there was either a problem with the modem hardware or the local telephone exchange. I couldn't do anything about either once offices and shops closed on Saturday, so had to wait it out.

Internet access wasn't much better yesterday, so I was dreading working from home today, but it seems the problem was with the external phone network, and that it was fixed overnight, as everything has been fine today.

It's a little disturbing to note how much I missed it. If I'd been able, I probably wouldn't have wanted to go online, but the knowledge that I was unable to connect (or rather, I could, but uploading a 54kb file last night took over 40 minutes and 27 logins) was annoying.

Well. That was a fascinating narrative, wasn't it? Whatever; I think it's worth posting anyway, just in case anyone else experiences the same thing and wonders whether others have too.

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