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23 February, 2004

Names changed to protect...

The Guardian reports (as does the BBC) that engineering firm Jarvis has tacitly acknowledged that in terms of public consciousness, the company's name is now irretrievably linked with under-maintained railways and rail disasters, so is changing its name to Engenda in its dealings with schools and other public services.

That's pragmatic, and I'm not going to criticise the attempt at partial rebranding, but 'Engenda'?  The trend for British firms to choose odd, vaguely latinate names is a weird one.  Maybe it's meant to convey a venerable, efficient, 'classical' image with copyrightable names no-one could find offensive (and avoiding comedic alternative meanings in other languages), but I find names like Corus (British Steel, as was), Consignia (the abortive rebranding of the Royal Mail) and, indeed, Engenda, to be utterly bland and meaningless.

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