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13 February, 2004

Steven Wilson mixes Marillion

There's been a bit of speculation about this since SW made a comment at the Porcupine Tree website that he'd be working with an established UK band, but this morning's progress report from Marillion, regarding the forthcoming double album 'Marbles' confirms it: SW is collaborating with long-term Marillion sound engineer/producer Dave Meegan and Michael Hunter (who created and mixed 'River' for Marillion and now produces bands such as Mansun) to mix 'Marbles'.

Great news. My favourite producer/musician working with another of my favourite bands. To be honest, his previous work with Marillion, mixing most of 'Marillion.Com', didn't stand out as well as his production work on Fish's 'Sunsets On Empire', but that may be because of the nature of the music rather than a true reflection of his impact on it.

I'm looking forward to this album, which is dangerous. All too often I've built up my hopes and expectations, only to be disappointed by reality. It's a struggle to avoid generating preconceptions, but many of my favourite films, albums and books are those about which I knew little beforehand.

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