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9 February, 2004

Parenthood? Ha!

While I probably don't feel so strongly about the issue as does Julie Bindel, her article in Saturday's Guardian (seen via greenfairydotcom) does reflect my general view: parents are not inherently superior or more important simply because they have children.

Coincidentally, I was behind a car in traffic on Saturday, spotted the common 'children on board' sign in the rear window, and actually gave it some thought for the first time. My considered response was: "So?".
If it's a warning to other road users that the presence of children in the vehicle might distract the driver, perhaps it's worthwhile. However, I suspect it means 'this vehicle is carrying children, so it is more important that you don't crash into it than into a car solely carrying adults', a sentiment I don't share. As potential victims of road accidents, children are no more 'precious' than other age groups.

On reflection, this is a half-arsed blog entry that barely begins to explain my lack of unthinking automatic respect for parenthood and society's rose-tinted lip-service to to 'family values'; but it's all I have time for right now.

Note to self: is "rose-tinted lip-service" clever, or trite?

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