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8 February, 2004

Fighting Valentine

I wish I'd thought to set up this site: anti-Valentine's online cards, ridiculing the commercialism and empty gestures society expects for 14 Feb.

I do deplore the idea that having given one's partner a folded piece of shiny card and a quantity of vegetation, any hint of romanticism can be ticked off and forgotten for another year. It's a cop-out, and an example of herd mentality which primarily serves the manufacturers of greetings cards.
Rather than standardised tokens on a predetermined yet arbitrary date, how about something one's partner would really appreciate, at a time of personal significance - and more frequently than each February?

Thankfully Helen is similarly scornful of Valentine's Day; indeed our shared dislike for society's petty rituals is something that draws us together. Don't worry; we'll do something, just at a time and in a way of our choosing, and by choice, not external 'obligation'.

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