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5 February, 2004

Balconette on a bike

The fortnightly leaflet advertising bargains at Aldi has just come through the letterbox, stuffed inside the local free paper.

Predictably, it includes Valentine offers, including the usual tacky lingerie, champagne truffles (which sound foul), cheap rosť wine and skin-tight, all-in-one lycra cycling suits. Eh? Kinky, or just odd?
For those who regard Valentine's Day in much the same way as me (and, thankfully, Helen), the other side of the leaflet advertises angle grinders and orbital sanders....

Semi-random observation: my father, in Norway, has received junk mail leaflets like this from local shops for at least a decade, which I noticed because they were uncommon in my mail in the UK. However, over the last couple of years, the volume of this 'genre' of junk mail has increased; I think there's a correlation between that and the expansion of mainland European retailers in the UK - Aldi is German, to give one example.

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