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29 January, 2004

Porcupine Tree & Ozrics in print

I can't comment on his writing ('cos I haven't read any), but sci-fi author Stephen Palmer's new novel Hallucinating features cameo appearences from a number of real musicians, including Ministry of Info favourites Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) and Ed Wynne (Ozric Tentacles).

I'm not a fan of the more fantastical, far-future style of sci-fi, but if this new one is grounded in a more realistic, near-contemporary setting, I'm tempted to try it.

More at The Alien Online, though the link onwards to Palmer's (frankly, awful) site is vague; go straight here instead.

Examine the cover image quite closely - the promotional quote, apparently from a favourable review actually says:

"Quote placed here from reviews generated in 2003" Stephen Palmer, a Magazine.

NP: Ozric Tentacles, 'Afterswish' (1998) - coincidentally ;)

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