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21 January, 2004

Rock Buns, Mark III

After the disappointing first attempt and limited improvement of the second, I've just tried Harriet's rock bun recipe yet again.  Exactly as planned, I increased the quantity of butter to 4 ounces (oz) (the recipe says 5 oz but that seemed too much in the first batch).  This gave enough moisture to bind the mixture, so I didn't need to add milk.  The big difference was that I made each ball of mixture, and hence bun, a little smaller than before, dividing the same total quantity into 17 buns rather than the ten I made last time.
After the first five minutes in the oven, I turned the tray, transferring those in apparently the best part of the oven to the worst, and vice versa.  I did this again after 13 mins.

The result: 9 buns (53%) are pretty good. Though pale underneath, they are fully cooked, and pale is far better than the dark wetness of undercooked. A further three were marginally worse, but I'm being picky, so it'd be fair to claim a 70% success rate. The remaining five were still undercooked, two only slightly, three rather more, so I turned them over and returned them to the oven for a further five minutes, just to finish them. They're cooling now.

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