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13 January, 2004

Rock Buns, Mark II

I had another go at Harriet's recipe this evening.  Having learnt from the first attempt, I tried using only 60% of the butter (3 ounces (oz) rather than 5), and modified the cooking settings, giving them 15 mins at Gas 6 (200C) rather than 12 at 7 (225C).  First time, I'd found the mix too sticky after adding the egg, but it was drastically too dry at that point of the repeat attempt, so I added a little extra butter (½ oz?) and a little milk to bind (as the recipe recommended - I certainly hadn't needed that last time).  I might have overdone the milk very slightly, as the result was a little sticky.

After 15 mins I had a 40% success rate - four of the ten buns were about right, being browned on top and cooked through to the base. Unfortunately, the remaining six weren't cooked even nearly as well, and some hadn't even browned. The deciding factor seemed position on the tray. All were at the same height (same shelf of the oven), but those on the near left cooked drastically better than those on the rear right.
I removed the best four, then gave the rest a further five mins (without thinking to turn the tray, so the worst were still in the bad spot). After that, and a few mins cooling, I transferred them to a wire rack; the point at which I'd see whether the undersides had cooked. Not completely. They were far better than last week's batch, but still not quite right.

I'll have to judge after I've tried a few, but my first impression of the taste isn't quite as good as the fist attempt; next time I'll raise the butter quantity, probably to 80% of the listed amount, but not the full 100%.

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