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17 November, 2003

Sorry, boss...

Bugger.  Just checked my University e-mail (via the web, as I'm at home), and received a stern e-mail from L. for working off-campus without explicit permission.  I thought it was understood that I'd work from home whilst I didn't have access to the computer in the office, but seemingly not.

H. also seems to have inadvertently dropped me in it, too - unluckily, there have been more 'phone calls than usual, and rather than sending me e-mails (which I thought she knew I'd see), she's been leaving post-it notes on my desk. L. had visited the office, seen the notes, dealt with my tasks herself, then sent me the e-mail.

I sent an abject response, and will have to go in tomorrow. I won't have a PC i.e. the means to do anything meaningful, but at least I'll be physically present....

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