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6 November, 2003

On to Plan 'C', it seems

When L. received a new office PC, she kept the old one, to work from home (probably true!).  Since I don't have an office PC at all at present, she brought her old one back to campus for a while.  Unfortunately, the network configuration wasn't quite as she'd thought, and I can't log in as myself.  This prevents access to files in my network space and top-level server admin directories that aren't even visible to other users, and understandably L. doesn't want me logging in as her, with access to her e-mail, etc.

I've spoken to ISS, and they'll send a technician whenever possible, but until then (could be several days), I still have no PC at work, a full week after the flood. I've had limited access to e-mail via public-access terminals in the library and the ancient 486/early Pentium in the College back office, which has also given me access to Notepad and Word, but the tasks on which I've been able to work have mostly been of low-priority, and my 'real' work has been at a total standstill.

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