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5 November, 2003


Nope, it's dead. I've just spoken to Vince about my PC, and it's beyond hope.  The hard drive works okay, just so long as it remains in a bucket of dry ice.  At room temperature, nothing.  This is compounded by a major fault on the motherboard, which renders the whole thing too expensive to justify repairing.
Vince is going to copy the entire contents of my hard drive to some network space, where it can remain until I obtain a new PC, so I haven't lost anything, which is some compensation.

It seems I'll be spending the rest of the day researching and ordering a new PC. Some in my sort of job would enjoy customising a new computer to their personal requirements, but I'm not that type of computer user; I don't care what's inside the beige box, so long as it does what I need. Luckily, the University only buys from a limited range of suppliers, and they offer guidance on specific hardware packages, so I'm not totally lost. One thing even I appreciate is that the existing monitor, keyboard and mouse are fine, so I can spend that extra money on higher-spec components in the base unit itself.

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