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15 January, 2004

What does your 'friend' wear?

Some people decorate their computers; at work, Helena has a bat soft toy on her base unit and an Emily the Strange wallpaper.  My mother's base unit has a plastic cartoon mouse (you know: the symbol of cultural imperialism designed by a dead alleged anti-Semite) attached by blu-tack, and the monitor wallpaper is a photo of (ahem) me, almost hidden by as many desktop icons as she can find.  The monitor of Alizon's home PC has a purple fur trim.  I don't actually know what H. uses as wallpaper, but her PC is a laptop, so the opportunity for physical decoration is limited.

Both at home and at work, my PCs are entirely plain beige boxes; at present there's a 'Liquid Tension Experiment' CD case on top of my tower at home, and I know there's a 'post-it' pad on my base unit at work. This is my desktop at home, and this is at work. The icons on the latter are those Windows won't let me delete.

[Update 21/06/06: Since I referred to it again in another entry, I took the opportunity to provide an updated screenshot of my work PC. You'll notice that all desktop icons are gone, the system tray is minimised and though there are the same number of icons in the Quick Launch toolbar, Firefox has, quite emphatically, displaced IE.]

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