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15 January, 2004

What about The Opposition?

My disregard for the Mac 'let's be friends' ethos doesn't mean I'm pro-Windows - far from it.  With each revision, Windows becomes more obtrusive and downright interfering.

The file organisation interface is extremely annoying: I know where I want to store files, thanks, and don't want to use the default 'My Documents' heirarchy, but it can't be adequately turned off.

I loathe Word. When I'm writing a letter, I know what I want to say and how to format it, so autocorrect, autocomplete and templated page layouts are just annoying; the 'Windows knows best' workflow 'assistance' is infuriating and, for me, pointless, so the only text editor I use is my web editor, Macromedia HomeSite.

Windows and M$ packages are overly 'helpful' in allowing one to achieve what one wants, just so long as one wants to do what Windows does, by the Windows route.

I use Windows itself, Internet Explorer, and Outlook with every single 'assistant' firmly shut off, but otherwise don't use any M$ packages at home, and few at work.

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