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5 January, 2004

Bike okay - luckily

For various reasons, my bike (bicycle) is currently stored in my living room, and until today hadn't been used since 23 December.  I must have passed it a dozen times in the three full days since I returned to Lancaster, ample opportunities to check it over and ensure it was roadworthy for the first trip to work this year, yet I left it until 08:25 this morning, minutes before leaving.  The tyres were a bit soft, and once I was on the road I found that the gears had stiffened (okay, jammed), but it was basically okay.  If there had been something more serious, I'd have been very late for work, avoidably.  Why did I leave it until the last minute?  What does that say about my mind set?

It could be interpreted as laziness, but it's not that I prevaricated, it simply hadn't occurred to me before. Perhaps it says more about an obsessive streak; I was thinking of other things, to the exclusion of all else.

It's never exactly fun to return to an empty house and self-sufficiency after time spent living with loved ones, but I'm not usually that impractical.

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