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26 December, 2003

It's changed...

Despite light rain, my mother an I went for a brief Boxing Day walk this afternoon; she took a few photos.

Northop Hall (in Welsh, Pentre Môch) is pretty small, a mile-long main street and adjoining estates housing 1,665 (2001 census), one shop, two pubs, a church, two chapels, a village hall and a primary school. The nearest railway station is three miles away; buses are infrequent. My secondary school (founded by William Gladstone, I think) is three miles away, but the nearest real town is four miles away. The footballer Michael Owen attended the same secondary school (later), and has a house two miles away.
My parents moved to the village in the late 1960s. My father followed work to Norway in 1975 and again in 1978, after which he never returned for more than brief visits, but my mother is still in the same house. I was brought here from the maternity ward, and apart from a year in Stavanger, lived in the village until going to University. Some of the accompanying pictures mightn't have any significance to others, but at least they give a flavour of the place where I grew up.

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