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19 December, 2003

Who nicked Bowland Tower?

Alexandra Sq., Lancaster Uni. Copyright NRT, 2003
Today was extraordinarily foggy here in Lancaster.  We occasionally see foggy mornings or evenings (or rather, don't, because of the fog...), but it's rare for it to last all day.  Cycling to work, I met light mist as I entered the Uni. grounds, though town itself had been clear.  Unusually, the mist thickened during the morning, despite the sky directly above being cloudless.  By 13:00 it was as dense as I remember seeing on campus, so I pointed a digital camera out of the window (click to enlarge the image).
The density varied all afternoon; campus must have been at the very top of the fog bank.  I really wish I'd thought to go up the Tower, as the view from the top must have been wonderful at times, projecting above the cloud.

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