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14 December, 2003

What's the product?

MarketingWonk reports that Kylie Minogue has appeared in another lingerie ad, this time for her own 'Love Kylie' range.  The video unsurprisingly shows Kylie in a selection of bras and pants, the soundtrack being Kylie's own music.  Nothing surprising there.  The odd thing is that the ad is 2.5 mins long - that's not an ad, it's a music video.
So what is it really selling?  If last year's 'Agent Provocateur' ad is any indication, this one will be an online hit too, presenting her latest single to an audience who mightn't ordinarily be drawn to Kylie for her music.  As MarketingWonk concludes, "Viral marketing meets sex, meets subliminal messaging. That's got to be a winning combination."

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