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9 December, 2003

Did you see that?

I've just reached the hallucination stage of insomnia.  It's a good sign, really - it tends to correspond with the onset of better sleeping after a bad patch.
It's difficult to rationalise, but essentially means that though I see perfectly ordinary things, I interpret them wrongly - I don't see things that just aren't there!

An example: this morning I thought my nose was a cat. I saw a cat under my feet and sidestepped to avoid it, then realised it was just the light catching my nose.
Later, cycling to work, I was following a signwriter's van, with the company name across the back, 'Ensign Design". I registered that, and was considering whether the name is justified (Is signwriting a branch of 'design'? It can be.), when I noticed that the word 'design' didn't appear anywhere on the van - it was "" - I'd just extrapolated a similar sounding word into a block of letters of about the right length.
I suppose it happens all the time, but insomnia elevates it from the subliminal.

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