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4 December, 2003

Everyday genius

Mildly interesting promotional site at Honda UK, where visitors are asked to vote on the most influential (I think - it's not specified) of ten shortlisted everyday items: can opener; ballpoint pen; stapler; tap; zip; corkscrew; bra; teabag; light bulb; toilet.
Which do you regard as the most important/most influential on everyday life?

At the time of writing, the light bulb is leading, with 26% of the vote, followed by the toilet, as one might expect; these are the items absolutely everyone (in the UK, anyway) uses daily, whereas the others are restricted to only a proportion of the population (the bra, currently third with 12%) or are only used at intervals (the corkscrew, 6%). The relative valuation of the tap is surprising, at seventh (5%) - either people don't regard it as being as profound an influence as others, or perhaps it's regarded as less of a design achievement than the others.

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