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23 November, 2003

Yay! I overtook the dishes!

I cook. It creates dirty pans and utensils. I eat. It leaves dirty plates and cutlery. I leave the dishes to soak, so washing up is much easier later.
Next meal. I wash the pans & utensils I need, and start cooking. While I'm waiting, I wash the rest of the dishes.
I finish cooking, eat, and leave everything to soak.

This means there's rarely more than 1-2 meals of dishes either in the washing bowl or on the draining rack, but there are always dishes either in the washing bowl or on the draining rack.
But not today. Somehow I broke the cycle - washed everything last night, and put everything away this morning.
Trivial? Totally. Oddly satisfying? Yep.

Incidentally, I don't dry dishes. Others have pet irritations about leaving the toilet lid up, or leaving the lid off the toothpaste. Whatever. Mine is tea towels, which merely remove anything accidentally missed by the washing process, and smear it over all the other dishes, whilst themselves becoming damp growth media for household germs. Worse than pointless.

NP: Pineapple Thief: 'Keep Dreaming' (still the .mp3 sample, whilst I'm waiting for the albums to arrive)

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